Memoirs of a Geisha

When I was ten the movie  Memoirs of a Geisha was coming out. Also when I was ten I was obsessed with history. For a ten year old I spent an annoying amount of time watching the history channel (may it rest in peace). The movie which is supposedly about the young girls trained to become essential Japanese man pleasers was coming out around Christmas time. I remember this because the history channel suddenly became geisha central, and I WAS FASCINATED. Of course being ten years old my mom was not about to allow me to watch a movie about young girls who are trained to fulfill these japenese businessmen’s every desire, but I did get my PG geisha fix from the history channel  that Christmas season. I still have not seen the movie and I only assume that this is what is is about, also its probably a smart move on my moms part because i grew up to be a feisty feminist who LOVES TO PISS MEN OFF (idk if thats actually true).  Anyway I remember being ten and it being Christmas eve and not being able to sleep. I assume its from the excitement of Christmas being the next day, but I do not remember that really so I’m not going to pretend like that was definitely the reason. Anyway I woke up in the wee hours of the night and went to the family room.  To my surprise saw my mom and brother already sitting out there. I asked my mom if I could stay out there and she said sure. I made myself a little pallet of blanket in front of the tv (As i often did) (it took my parents forever to figure out I had shitty eyesight) and watched this history channel special about these japanese girls until i fell asleep and awoke to Christmas morning. I tell this story not because that night had any profound effect on me in anyway. Hell, I literally retained zero information about geishas that night. I tell that story because I feel like that night is an integral part of who i am. I have NO idea why. I just need people to know that I did this. I need people to know I was the ten year old obsessed with geisha’s in order to understand me. I guess that’s it.


My Role Models

1) My Grandpa E. Dean McElroy – I don’t even know where to begin.2) My cousin Patrick – Patrick is  the most intellectual person i know. He has a strong desire to learn, and travel. He is a man of honor which shows through his service. He has traveled all over making him a pit of knowledge

3) My mother – free spirit. Well rounded. Education from paralegal to horticulturist. The way she was able to find something she loves and pursue it. The Independence she game me and my brother growing up.

4) Henry Tellini – his determination through snow boarding, school, lacrosse. He also has a very strong sense of adventure and takes action on it.  You will never hear him boasting about his accomplishments either.

5) Shirley McElroy – her and my grandpa showed me what true love is. She is one of the few women that could live by herself on a farm. She is truly independent. Very humble also.

6) Collin McElroy – quick wit and people skills. One of the most likable people I have ever met.

7) Tina Fey

8) Samuel James  I’ve enjoyed his happy go lucky nature, his quick wit and amazing people schools. Even though it has caused him to become a minis society I also have always respected his ability to do what he pleases.

9) Maggie Doyle Ervin – Very smart. The one thing I look up to her the most for is she graduated high school early and took college classes during high school so she and traveled and lived in Ireland. She worked to survive waitressing  before she went on to start college, and she wasn’t even behind in school.

10) Daddio – intelligent, hardworking, responsible, RELIABLE.

11) Grandpa Stock – vast knowledge

10 Reason Why I hate Obama and Romney, But Mostly Obama

1.  Corporate invasion at the federal level, the number one contributors of both Romney and Obama is Goldman Sachs, the international banking and investment firm. What does this mean to the American people? That both of the front runners main interest is NOT the American people, but the people that will keep them and their campaign rich. Goldman Sachs wants to make sure who ever wins will have Goldman Sachs best interest in mind. What interest do what your candidate to have.

2. Dirty politics – there is virtually no such thing as clean campaign. A presidential campaign, or any campaign for that matter, should be self promotional. Romney and Obama should have faith in the American people that their values, ideas, and views should be enough to win the American vote. Obviously from the campaign they do not feel confident that American will find them the most appealing candidate based on the facts, they have to bash other candidates as well. Campaigns like these are one of the reasons the American people are being robbed of good candidates.

3. Media bias – (MSNBC and FOX news)

4. Big Government – Mostly a democratic view, but Romney isn’t exactly bashing it either.

5. Crony capitalism – a capitalist economy in which success in business depends on close relationships between business people and government officials. (A fancy way of putting #1)

Hint: these charts may be one sided: but notice how far they lean to the left.

5. Representing the status quo

more to come